February 14, 2017


Sports Vote Count is a software program created and designed by two football / sports enthusiasts who had a vision to make the lives of volunteers easier when it comes to the time consuming job of creating the vote count / best and fairest presentation.

Back in 2014 Brad Williams was working for a country football netball league in Victoria and putting together the votes week in / week out for 18 rounds, with 8 football and 14 netball grades over 2 divisions, he laboriously collated all the votes into a PowerPoint slide presentation for the end of season vote count night and found it was taking up a huge amount of precious time that he did not have to spare.  Overall,  he had over 400 PowerPoint slides to complete on top of the many other jobs that his role encompassed. Brad regularly spoke with many club administrators who also had time allocation issues when assembling these slides for their respective clubs.


One night over a beer with Jon Ebert  an IT expert, Brad told him of his idea for a computer program that would make it easier and less time consuming for league and club secretaries to compile their end of season presentations,  and from there Sports Vote Count was born.  Being a creative computer genius it wasn’t long before Jon had fashioned a workable and presentable version of the program and it was swiftly put to use with many people commenting on how impressed they were,  especially with the vote by vote tally in the bottom right hand corner which someone commented was just like the “Brownlow”.  Fast forward to now and the program is just what club secretaries and administrators have been asking for.


And so the journey continues and we look forward to helping your league, club or team.

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