February 14, 2017




An Actual Program

SportsVoteCount is not just a simple slideshow. It is a fully interactive software program that lets you run the presentation exactly how you want it on the fly.

You can skip to certain rounds or matches, bring up the full leaderboard at any time or hide vote totals at any time to build drama.

You can also change any images or votes seconds before your presentation begins and everything will run as normal.


Your Own Images

SportsVoteCount allows you to customise your presentation with your own images.

You can add as many background and sponsor images as you like plus you can also show player images whenever they get votes.


Any Sport, Any Vote Format

SportsVoteCount is designed to allow for any type of vote system.

Whether you have a basic 3-2-1 system or you have a different amount of players and votes for each match, SVC has you covered.


Custom Slides

As well as showing your votes you can also add custom slides anywhere throughout the presentation.

These slides can be in the form of images, text or awards (such as Goal Kicker of the Year) so you can show whatever you want.


Most Important Information Always On Screen

At all times during your presentation you can see:

  • Presentation Title
  • Current Round Number
  • Current Match Name
  • Top 5 Leaderboard
  • Your Sponsor Images
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