Release Notes v1.1

Hi All,
Happy to announce the release of version 1.1
This is the second update for the year and is another big one.
Most of it is smaller changes and improvements/bug fixes but there is also a few bigger changes in it as well.

Main release notes are below.

Send Data To Support
This simplifies the process of getting support. A button under the Help menu that sends a range of data to us to make it quicker for us to be able to diagnose your issue and see what is wrong.

Implement multi-threading
Have tried for this a few times and finally got it working. Have implemented on sending data to support, receiving news messages and update checks. Will open the path to further use in future updates.
Essentially it is just a performance improvement.

Export To PDF
A highly requested feature. Have always been able to export data as CSV files, now you can also export votes as a PDF.
This is done from the Votes screen, selecting the division and selecting Export Data from the Tools menu next to it.

This feature allows the presentation to automatically continue through by itself, vote by vote.
It’s the same as you pressing continue over and over except it does it by itself every 2 seconds or whatever you set the interval to.
Can be set to begin when you start the presentation or you can start AutoRun at anytime by pressing Control – A.

Show presentation on second screen if one is connected
If you have a second screen connected the presentation will open on the second screen by default.

Round textbox now shows correct colour when buttons are hidden
Was always showing black

Logo image works again
In version 1.0 logo images stopped showing in the top right corner. This is now fixed.

Sponsor Image Bar can now be made smaller
For anyone that needs more space for the actual votes the bottom image bar can be made smaller.

Presentations fonts can now be changed
Fonts during the presentation can now be changed. You can set different fonts for headings and for votes/players.
There are a range of fonts, basic one’s will work for everyone, more fonts will be available if they are installed on your computer.

Default font changed to Cambria
Now that we have font options I’ve change the default. This is only changed during the presentation, other fonts are unchanged.

Presentation background opacity can now be changed
Has been on my list of things to add in from the very start. There is now a slider to set the opacity (transparency) of the background image.

Option to set custom slide image to fill entire screen
This option is only available when your custom slide has exactly 1 image and no text elements.
This gives you an option to have it either ‘Fit Image’ which is what has always happened previously where the image will become as big as possible while staying in proportion and fitting the entire image on the screen.
The new option is ‘Fill Screen’ where the image will resize so it fills the entire screen. The image will still remain in proportion but depending on the screen size some parts of the image will be cut off.

Options to order full leaderboard by Votes/Name/Club
The full leaderboard screen now has some new sorting options.
Everyone now have the option to order the full leaderboard by player name.
Leagues can now also order the leaderboard by club. This relies on the club name being in brackets at the end of the player name.

There are buttons to change the ordering at the bottom of the leaderboard screen. Ordering can also be changed with key controls (V to order by votes, N to order by name and C to order by club if available)

Final Results screen can now be skipped
If you don’t want to show the final results screen you can now skip it.

Preferences weren’t updating when changing project folder
Little bug fix, preferences were overwriting when changing between project folders

Bug fixes and performance improvements
This update also contains many new bug fixes in addition to those already mentioned as well as some more performance improvements.

Final Results screen now has button to go to next presentation
When using schedules there is now a button to continue to the next presentation. Previously you could only press the Enter key.

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