Release Notes v1.1.1

Hi All,
Have a small update today.
This is mainly a bug fixing update but also has a couple of extra small options to the presentation.

Main changes are below:

MyNetball importer changes
The MyNetball export has slightly changed so this updates compatibility with that as well as fixing a couple of old issues with importing from MyNetball.

New version banner no longer visible before it checks for update
Banner was showing up on load and then disappearing if no updates found.

Images not updating when changing Project Folder
If you change Project Folders the images wouldn’t update. This change should ensure everything updates properly when changing Project Folders.

Error when storing Project Folder on disconnected drive
If you stored the Project Folder on a USB or network drive you would get horrible errors if you opened the program with the drive disconnected.

New preference to use opacity on backgrounds of Final Results/Full Leaderboard/Custom Slides
This expands on the addition of background opacity in the last update. You can now use this opacity setting on other backgrounds.

Presentation window title shows presentation name properly again
Presentation window stopped showing the name of the presentation. This is working again.

New code signing cert
New certificate for the coming year. This just ensures the computer trusts the program.

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