Release Notes v1.2

Hi All,
First update for 2019 is now officially released.
Normally get this first update out a bit earlier in the year but wanted to make sure I got these a couple major features in properly.
A couple of big features added which I think people should be excited about and as always lots of smaller improvements and bug fixes.

Main release notes are below:

Custom Slides now support video elements
You can now add videos to Custom Slides. It is done in the same way as adding an image.
Supports any video that will play in Windows Media Player or the default Windows media application. Some fancy codecs may not work.

Custom Slide creator copies media files asynchronously
Just means the program won’t stall when copying large videos

Importing images is now done asynchronously
Program now won’t stall when importing lots of images

Assigning players to teams
Mainly for leagues, you can now assign the player to a team instead of just having the team name as part of the player name.

Club logo image type created
Continuing from the matching players to teams. You can now assign a club logo to each club so that logo appears next to the player name.

1 player final results screen now shows player score as well (From 1.1.2)

Equal winners are shown equally on final results screen (From 1.1.2)

Full Leaderboard shows actual place when players have equal scores (From 1.1.2)
If multiple players have the same votes it now shows them with the same place (Both show as 3rd, previous one would be 3rd and one would be 4th)

Support for decimals (1.5 votes) (From 1.1.3)
Votes no longer need to be whole numbers

Vote Card now has 30 rows (From 1.1.3)
Up from the previous 22 rows

Vote Card setting in Fixture Builder is now applied to all rounds
A bit less confusing and prone to mistakes now, nobody needed different number of vote cards per rounds anyway.

Hide Full Leaderboard next/prev buttons when buttons are hidden
Can be controlled by key commonds the same as anything else so buttons can safely be hidden

Match markers hidden when all rounds only have one match
No need for them when there is only one match

Sponsor images now vertically centered

Buttons taken out of wrench menu on Votes screen
Will make them more visible as lots of people didn’t know those tools existed

List of previous project folders
Makes it easier to switch between Project Folders if you use multiple

Full screen key changed from F12 to F11
Now matches the standard convention

Full screen key added to tutorial

Licence can be imported into user registry
Can now import licence without having admin priviledges.

No longer errors on empty line in vote file

No longer throws an error when vote file line only includes round

Can edit vote files as raw text
Found in Manage Vote Files. Makes it easier to check the raw file data

Show total votes for each match on Votes screen
Easier to see if the votes were entered incorrectly

Fix error when round is missing from vote file

Images folder renamed to Media folder

Custom slide images moved from config folder to media folder
Moving into same location as the rest of the media

Can open project directly from project folder from .svcproject file
Each project folder now contains an ‘Open Project.svcproject’ file that’s lets you open the program directly into that project folder.

Custom Slide Groups can be renamed

Vote Card now checks if team and votes have been entered before saving
Wasn’t validating if votes were added

Vote Card now has column titles

Match name column is now wider on the Votes screen
Match names were getting cut off

Player images now resize with window size
Wasn’t resizing like it should have been before

A couple of preferences didn’t change colour on ‘hover to test’

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