Release Notes v1.2.1 / v1.2.2

Have released a couple small updates since version 1.2.
They were mainly bug fixes that were too important to wait until the next major release.

1.2.1 Release Notes
Program was crashing when looking up a team name on vote card for new player
Entering a new player into a vote card would crash the program in some circumstances.

Some teams functions wrapped in try/catch statements
So if we get another error like this the program won’t fully crash.

Actual error message is now logged when licence importer could not be opened
Was previously just saying licence couldn’t be imported but not logging why.

Licence can now be imported into Current User registry
I had created this feature last year but must have forgotten to add it into the program.
This now means a licence can be imported with admin rights to the computer.

1.2.2 Release Notes
SportsTG converter wasn’t saving player teams properly
Player teams file wasn’t being saved correctly

SportsTG converter now uses Interaction.InputBox instead of manually created dialog
Inline with other input boxes I had changed this this method

Exports now show team names
A feature I couldn’t fit into the main teams update. Vote exports now include the player teams.

B and H keys no longer disable autorun
These keys just show/hide buttons and vote totals. AutoRun can safely continue with those happening

Validate votes on Votes screen alerts if a player is not assigned a team
Just a little validation. Player can then be assigned a team using ‘Assign Players to Teams’

Match and round buttons disabled when full leaderboard is active
Necessary for a big feature in next major update

Next/Previous Match/Round functions now checks if buttons are enabled
Necessary for a big feature in next major update

This update also contains some more back-end code necessary for the next update which contains a feature I’m very excited about.

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