Release Notes v1.3

This is our second major update for 2019.
Doesn’t have a lot of changes but defintely has some big ones.

Presenter Controls is something I envisioned from the day I started developing the program many years ago.
It is just a first release and there should be quite a bit I can improve onto it but for now I am very happy with how it works right now.

Presenter Controls: Can control presentation window from main window
Presenter Controls allow you to control the presentation window directly from the main SportsVoteCount window.
This gives you easier control over the presentation while also allowing you full access to your own computer without disrupting the presentation.

Option to pause AutoRun on next scheduled presentation starting

New fill type for custom slides – stretch
Always tried to avoid including this as it is too easy for an image to become very distorted depending on the resolution which can change massively when connecting to a projector.
Decided to include it as it is quite highly requested and it is fair enough as well. Hopefully it doesn’t cause too much grief for anyone.

Licence can now be removed
Two new applications now come with the installer. One to remove the licence from computer and one from the user. In the same way as the licence importers.

On Screen buttons now disable AutoRun (Continue, leaderboard, next/prev match/round)
Hadn’t thought about this before but the on screen buttons definitely need to disable AutoRun.

VoteCount can now track how functions were called (button, keypress, autorun)
Mainly implemented for the on screen buttons disabling AutoRun but this should be useful for future development as well.

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