Release Notes v1.4

This is the first update for 2020.
I’m releasing this update earlier then normal as it includes an importer for MyCricket so I wanted to get this out while we are still in cricket season.
There is still more features I want to get out early this year so will hopefully release a new update in a couple of months.

Here are the release notes:

Byes are no longer duplicated for multiple vote cards when creating fixture
Something that should have been fixed a while ago really.

Randomising Background and Sponsor images is now optional
This now allows you to show certain images on certain rounds.
These images have always been randomly ordered to ensure an even and fair spread but with this change you can now show them in the order they appear on the Images screen (alphabetically).
You can rename them so they start with the round number which will make them show on that round.

SportsTG import now automatically excludes header row if it was included
Now it will import whether or not you include the header row.

MyNetball and SportsTG importers now remove invalid chars from auto filled file name
Makes sure that the default filename it gives you is a valid filename.

Have added a couple of animations. Will be more to come as long as these have no issues.
Current animations:
-Vote Reveal
-Full Leaderboard

Preference to use animations or not
In case animations slow down the presentation too much.

Added MyCricket importer
This is similar to the MyNetball importer except MyCricket doesn’t have a way to download the votes so it needs to be a copy and paste the table similar to SportsTG.

Edge offsets to be able to move borders to fit with projector screens
This should help for when the projector or monitor cut off a bit of the screen. Edge offsets allow you to add a gap on each edge to make the content fit onto the visible screen properly.

Next/Previous round buttons on Votes screen
An easier way to change round, instead of opening dropbox and selecting the round you can now just press the next round button.

Vote card now has option to load next match on save
An easier way to change match, instead of closing the current Vote Card, selecting the next round if required and then opening the next match you can just press the ‘Save & Next’ button to automatically load the next Vote Card.

Vote card now shows round number

Can now import player lists from different vote files
You can import player lists from a different vote file or just manually entered to have them appear in the Vote Card to select instead of having to manually add each player again every year.

Modify Player Name, Assign Teams to Players and the new Import Players all combined into a single Manage Player Lists screen
The new Manage Player List screen combined the features of these separate tools.

Manage Teams option removed from Create Fixture screen. Moved to ‘Manage Teams’ button on Votes screen
The changes to allow importing of player lists has meant that the way to enable team management had to change as well.
Now instead of it happening from the Create Fixture screen, you now enable teams by either assigning teams to players on the Manage Player List screen or by pressing the ‘Enable Teams’ button on the Votes screen.

Removed Validate Votes button. Now just shows those stats on the screen when selecting vote file
A main reason the Validate Votes tool existed was to show a list of all players to check for double ups. This is now possible on the Manage Player Lists window so that button now doesn’t need to exist and I can just show the stats on the screen instead of hiding them behind a button.

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