Release Notes v1.5

This is the second update for 2020.
A focus of this update was allowing more customisation of the final results screen so you can make it work the way you want to. In addition to the changes listed below there is also a number of bug fixes as well.

We have also released a video showing the changes available here

Preference screen broken up into sections

Makes it easier to find the preferences and also makes it more obvious of the different types of preferences.

Final results can now be split between multiple screens

A highly requested feature, instead of showing the top players all on one screen you can now split them over multiple screens.

Final results can now show title before the result

Similar to how they work with Custom Slides and best used over multiple screens, can show the heading (3rd place) before showing the players name.

Can now create Final Results Custom Slides

This is a very big addition, the final results screen has never been the best looking especially for the importance of it.

Allowing Custom Slides means that you can now create your own final results slide in Photoshop, Powerpoint or anything else and use that as your final results screen instead of the builtin one which means you can make it look however you like.

A big warning on this however is that when using the builtin final results screen, it will calculate the winners by itself and ensure the correct result. If you replace it with your own Custom Slide then you need to ensure that the result on that slide actually reflects the final result.

Carousel mode

This is a modified version of AutoRun. It works in the same way but when it gets to the end of the current round it will jump back to the start of that round and keep looping through until you stop it.

The main use of this is using it on a Custom Slide Group showing images of sponsors or anything else for when you want it to loop through during a break in the presentation night.

Ineligible Players

You can now mark players as ineligible to receive the final award. This will result on those players showing with 2 asterisks next to there name on any leaderboards and they will be removed from the final results screen.

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