Release Notes v1.5.1

Welcome back for everyone in Victoria that missed the 2020 season.

Smaller update this time. Anyone that missed last season, make sure you check out the release notes for versions 1.4 and 1.5 which were last years updates as there were some big features added including ineligible players, final result custom slides, ability to split the final results over multiple screens and much more.

Support for standard presenter remotes

Allows you to move forward and backwards through the presentation using a presenter remote.

Ties in leaderboard now sorted by name

An obvious change, finally got it in.

Club name is now grey so it stands out from player name

Club and player name merged together too easily so have made the club name look slightly different

Button to continue through multi slide final results screen

Just a missed feature from when multi screen final results were implemented last year. Previously you could only use the keyboard.

Draws causing wrong number of slides on multi-screen final results

Previously the number of slides it would display was based purely on the number of player you set it to show. If it was set to display the top 3 and there was a draw it would still show 3 slides but draws would be on a single slide so it would actually show 4 players.

Errors on multi screen final results when leaderboard has few players

Similar to the previous one, it now checks what the leaderboard looks like before it decides what to do.

Final results screen now closes full leaderboard before moving to next screen instead of both

Small but important fix, now dosen’t move to the next slide if the full leaderboard is open

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