Virtual Presentation

With lots of clubs and leagues unable to run in person presentation nights, many have decided to do them virtually over the internet.

There are a few different options however there can be a few steps necessary to set it up.
The main options are Facebook Live and Youtube Live
Facebooks Help page
Youtubes Help page

Both of them do require you to install a program like OBS that sends your computer screen to facebook/youtube.

You setup the stream in facebook/youtube and then add in your details from that into OBS under the settings menu and then press the ‘Start Streaming’ button to send it.
You would need to set a Display Capture Source to select what screen you want to share.
Here are some youtube videos that explain how to setup different parts of it.

It can seem a little complicated but it’s not too bad once you get your head around it.

Another option is Youtube Premiere. That would mean recording the presentation beforehand, uploading it to Youtube and setting it as a premiere which means it goes live at a certain time and essentially plays the video as a live stream for everyone. Assuming you don’t want any interactivity that is a safe way to go.
Here is Youtubes page about that

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