Release Notes v1.6 / v1.6.1

Version 1.6 was our bigger update for 2022 which largely is behind the scenes change as well as one heavily requested feature.

We have been working on creating an API which is the first step on our road to the cloud. The big exciting change here for us is this is the first version that uses our API. Currently the news messages and version check are now done via the API which is replacing the xml file we previously used.

The next goal is to have votes stored in the cloud and accessed via the API but still using the desktop application.

Now requires .NET Framework 4.6

Installer includes an automatic update, this was required due to the fact that we now need to read JSON requests for our new API

Version check now done through API with fallback to xml
News now done through API with fallback to xml

API is now checked first and then checks the xml file if it returns nothing

News link now shows url in tooltip

Small change so yo can now see the address you will be sent to before clicking on the link

Ability to assign vote templates to pre fill scores

This has been one of our most heavily requested features which is to be able to set your vote structure so you don’t need to enter the vote amounts for every match. This is done from a new ‘Vote Templates’ screen on the Votes screen and allows you to set a template globally or per vote file.

Vote card now displays votes in descending order

Most vote cards are written from highest vote first so we made the change to replicate that.

Renew Licence button now directs to https

Another small change but as our website is HTTPS then the link should go there.

Version 1.6.1 – PlayHQ importer

We recently got the ability to import votes directly from PlayHQ so as vote count season has already started we rushed to get out an update that includes this feature.

It works similarly to other importers although the PlayHQ export is in a completely different format to the other systems so the conversion was completely different, one small issue was that it doesn’t includes match names so the user needs to enter that during the import however it works as well as it can at this point.

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